Is Your Furnace Ready for Colder Weather?

Fall is finally approaching and the temperatures are starting to fall. Before long, you'll be relying on your furnace more than your air conditioner. Is your furnace ready to keep you, your family, and your home at a warm, comfortable temperature? Now is the time to plan ahead and ensure that your furnace is ready. Here are a few things you should do. 1. Clean or Replace the Air Filters [Read More]

Cut Energy Costs With A Tankless Water Heater Backup For Your Solar Heater

If you are tired of high water heating bills, a roof solar collector can harness the free energy from the sun to heat water. Since the sun does not shine all the time, though, you could at times find yourself without enough hot water for your shower—at night or on a grey day.  A tankless water heater can provide an energy efficient backup. Together, the solar-tankless water heaters are an energy saving combo. [Read More]

Hydro Jetting: Everything You Need To Know

A backed-up drain, whether it's a single sink or the main drain line in your home, is more than a headache. Clogs can lead to raw sewage in your home along with the inconvenience of an off-limit sink or toilet. Fortunately, hydro jetting provides a quick solution to clogged drain problems. How Does Hydro Jetting Work? The plumber will perform an inspection to determine the location of the clog. Then, they will insert the hydro jetting hose ahead of the clog, typically through a drain opening but sometimes through a cleanout valve that is designed for this purpose. [Read More]

How Sewer Cameras Simplify Drain Cleaning

Once upon a time, if you had a clogged main drain, your plumber would either use an auger to force out the clog or they would attempt to blow out the clog with high-pressure water. This often worked, but recurring problems would mean you needed to dig up a pipe since it could otherwise be difficult to know the main reason for the clog. With the advent of sewer cameras, cleaning the main drain line from your home has become much easier. [Read More]