Why Does Your Water Meter Read So High?

With water being as expensive as it currently is, the idea of a high meter reading is quite scary. If a high reading becomes the norm rather than the exception, you could be looking at a lifetime of high water bills. High bills of any kind are no one's cup of tea. However, a high water bill is particularly disturbing with certain parts of the country experiencing drought-like conditions. This means that it's important that you make sense of any high meter reading and correct the problem if there is one. [Read More]

How To Correct Bad Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can be an infuriating problem. If the water pressure in your home is low enough, it can make it impossible to use certain faucets or your shower. There can be many reasons behind low water pressure. Some of these reasons will be easy to address, but others will require a lot more work. You may even need to call in an expert at some point. Common Causes of Poor Water Pressure [Read More]

Kitchen Remodeling May Help Fight Boredom And Depression

Updating your kitchen is a wise choice if you are getting sick of how it looks and need a bit of a shakeup. However, it can also be critical if you find yourself getting bored with how your home looks and needing to update the kitchen to avoid potential depression. It can even work with everyone in your whole family. Homeowner Boredom Can Be A Real Issue Boredom is an issue that affects all of us. [Read More]

It's A Grind: 4 Signs You Need A Plumber To Look At Your Garbage Disposal

When it comes to your kitchen, the garbage disposal is probably the most overworked, and under-appreciated, appliance you have. Sometimes, you don't realize how much you rely on it until it's no longer working properly. Luckily, garbage disposals have a way of letting you know when they're experiencing a problem. Here are four signs that your garbage disposal needs help. Your Garbage Disposal Needs Daily Resets If you've been hitting the reset button on a daily basis, it might be time to invest in a new one. [Read More]