3 Tips To Save Money When Plumbing A New Home

New homes offer many perks for buyers. A new home will typically have modern finishes and an open floorplan that will allow your family to flourish.

If you are planning to construct a new home of your own, you will have to make many decisions throughout the process.

Be proactive in working with your contractor to design the right plumbing system. This is a simple way to help reduce costs when building a brand new home.

1. Share Wet Walls

Wet walls are defined as any walls that contain water supply lines, sewer vents, or stacks. These walls are found in rooms that need access to running water.

If you want to reduce your construction costs, you can ensure that the layout of your new home allows for wet walls to be shared.

Putting a kitchen and bathroom back-to-back so that they share a single wet wall can reduce the amount of labor and materials needed to provide plumbing throughout your new home. The result is greater cost savings and a more efficient plumbing system.

2. Incorporate a Waste Water Diversion System

You should be thinking about the connection between your interior plumbing fixtures and your exterior water needs if you want to save money while installing the plumbing in your new home.

More and more homeowners are opting to incorporate a wastewater diversion system into their home's plumbing design.

This type of system will divert gray water (like the water that goes down sink, tub, shower, and dishwasher drains) into an outdoor irrigation system. You can then use this gray water to help nourish your new home's landscape.

A wastewater diversion system can significantly reduce your household water usage by reducing your reliance on a freshwater source for your outdoor watering needs.

3. Carefully Place the Main Shut-Off Valve

In the event that you experience a plumbing failure after you move into your new home, you want to be able to access the main shut-off valve quickly. Cutting the water supply to your home via the main shut-off valve can reduce the amount of damage your home sustains during a plumbing emergency.

It can be challenging to locate and access the main shut-off valve in older homes. Since you will be having a new plumbing system built to fit your custom built home, you have the opportunity to determine where the main shut-off valve will be located.

Making this valve easy to get to will help you protect your home against water damage in the future. Contact someone to discuss their new construction plumbing services they have to offer.