Water Heater Repair: 3 Signs You Need It

A properly-working water heater is necessary to have in your home for a variety of daily tasks, including bathing, laundry, dishes, and more. As a general rule, water heaters last for somewhere between eight and 12 years, though over time, they will begin to wear down and deteriorate. If you wait until you notice signs of problems, then you will have to act quickly to get a repair person out to your home. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for, which may keep you from living in a home without hot water.

The Hot Water Is Discolored

When you have discolored water, it is generally indicative that there is corrosion somewhere in the water heater. If the color of the water looks off in any way regardless of what temperature you are running, then there is an issue in the pipes somewhere. However, if you only notice that your hot water is impacted by the discoloration, the culprit is likely the tank or possibly a loose hose.

There Are Leaks Around the Water Tank

A significant leak around the tank in your closet or basement is a definite sign of problems, but even a small puddle can be a sign that you are in need of repairs. Thoroughly examine the tank and the area around the tank on a regular basis. If you see any leaks, the entire tank may need to be replaced, as repair may not even be an option. However, it is best to take care of this early on since larger leaks may result in serious water damage or mold in the home.

The Water Pressure Is Low

Issues with your household water pressure may also signal a leak somewhere or issues with the delivery of the water, such as mineral buildup or kinks in the pipes. But, if you are only dealing with low water pressure when you have the hot water on, the problem likely has to do with the tank. If the water pressure is low regardless of the water temperature, then there is likely a leak somewhere else within the plumbing system.

Regardless of what type of issue you are experiencing with your water heater, it is imperative that you contact a professional to diagnose the issue and perform the necessary repairs. For more information, get in touch with a professional water heater repair company such as Arnold & Sons Plumbing, Sewer & Drain Services