Exterior Spigot Leaking? Why You Need This Repaired Immediately

If you have an exterior spigot at your home that is leaking, it may not seem like a big deal if it's leaking, but it can lead to much bigger problems for you if it continues to leak. An exterior leak can be as much of a problem as an interior leak. If you have an exterior leak at your spigot, read on for reasons why you need to have this repaired immediately.

To Prevent Foundation Damage

Water leaking closely to your foundation can result in foundation damage. Your foundation can break down and crack much faster than if there wasn't a leak. If you have a water leak close to your home, it could damage the structure of your home and lead to even more expensive damage or make your home unlivable if it goes on for too long unnoticed.

To Prevent Expensive Water Bills

That water leaking from the spigot is going to cost you a lot of money if you allow it to leak. Just because it's outside of your home doesn't mean you aren't responsible for it. It's water going to your home, and you will be responsible for the cost. To prevent that extra cost on your water bill, you need to make the repair. If you notice your water bill is rising, take a look around outside to see if you have a leak that you may not have noticed before.

To Prevent Pest Problems

That water leaking outside may end up luring pests to your home to get a drink. Pests such as rodents, roaches, ants, and even termites can be lured to your home from that water leak. Other pests may also go to your home for a drink as well. To prevent a pest problem, hire a professional plumber to repair the leak outside of your home. 

To Prevent Water Damage

If the spigot is leaking too closely to your home, your foundation will not only be damaged, the water could also eventually seep under your home or into your basement. This seepage can quickly become a big problem for you. If you have water seeping in your crawl space or basement, inspect the waterline at your spigot to see if you have a leak anywhere.

If you have a leaking spigot outside of your home, call an emergency plumber to make this repair for you. Don't let it go just because it's leaking outside of your home. It can still cause you major damage.