Additional Tasks Required Along With Water Main Repair

If you have a hole in your water main that requires a repair, then you should know that the repair itself may be a bit more complicated. This is often due to some of the factors that contribute to the break or that make it more difficult to fix. Keep reading to learn a little bit about some of the additional things that may be required.

Root Removal

The water main that runs from the street to your home may break due to the overgrowth of tree roots in your yard. The roots can cause problems in two different ways. The bigger root structures may grow large enough that they rub against the water pipe and cause a leak, due to friction. Roots may also be smaller ones that are responsible for piercing the pipe itself. The various root issues will be recurring ones, if your plumbing professional does not work to remove the roots. 

So, you can expect to have a root removal performed. You should know that this is quite different from the type of root removal that is performed when a drainage line is infiltrated with roots. In this case, root cutting blades and tools are moved through the pipes to release the obstruction. This is not possible with a water supply line, so the roots are dug up. This does usually require a significant amount of excavation and the removal and replacement of the ground around the water pipe. This not only helps with the removal of roots, but rocks and hard pieces of clay in the region are excavated, as well.

Oftentimes, a barrier is constructed before the new fill is added, so you can expect the installation of a hard plastic or a fabric landscaping material. However, you should still speak with a landscaping or a tree trimming business, to make sure that tree growth can be controlled so that new roots do not encroach on the repaired water main.

Ground Stability Checks

Water main leaks can cause a wide variety of problems due to the release of large volumes of high pressure water into the soil around your home. One of the more dangerous problems, and often a costly one, is when the soil becomes unstable. The instability can create a sinkhole issue, where the ground begins to collapse under even small amounts of weight. 

Sinkholes are a cause for concern not only for the safety of your family, but also for the safety of pedestrians and vehicles that make their way along adjacent roads and sidewalks. Stability checks are typically completed, along with the repair. If the ground is not stable, some temporary drainage may be installed both before and after the water main is repaired. 

Contact a plumber, for more information on water main repair.