3 Ways To Keep Your Septic Tank Healthy

When you live outside of a town, it's likely you don't have a hookup to a municipal sewer line. It can be very difficult and very expensive to run the sewer line way out into the country, especially if the connection is just for one or two people. That means that you probably have a septic tank. If you have just moved into your house and you've never had a septic tank before, you may not know the best way to care for your septic tank. There are several things that you can do to keep your septic tank working at its best, 

Septic Tank Safe Toilet Paper

While all toilet paper will eventually break down in your septic tank, some may take longer than others, which can mean that you end up with a lot of toilet paper just sitting in the tank. However, there is toilet paper that is made to be friendly to your septic tank. It breaks down faster and has a much, much lower chance of you ending up with a clogged up septic tank. You should be able to find this toilet paper in the same place in the store as the rest of the toilet. 

Septic Enzymes

There are enzymes that you can buy at any home improvement store or large chain box store, usually in their home chemicals aisle, near the drain cleaners and such. The enzymes can help boost the bacteria that live in your septic tank and keep them healthy so that they can keep doing their job. If the bacteria start to die off, none of the sludge and waste gets broken down, and your septic tank starts to fill up and things will get blocked, which ends up with you having to get some expensive repairs for your septic tank. 

Regular Pumping

Another thing that you are going to have to do is make sure that you are regularly pumping out your septic tank. A septic repair company will come out to your house, open the access port, and stick what looks like a huge vacuum hose down into the tank and suck up all the stuff in it into a tank and then take it away. Regularly for your septic tank usually is measured in years, and depends on the size of your tank and how many people use it. 

If you are dealing with your first septic tank, knowing how to keep it healthy is a good thing. 

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