Signs You Have A Leak In Your Home's Main Water Line

If your water bill has suddenly hiked up for no apparent reason, you may suspect that you have a leak in your pipes somewhere. If so, look for the following sign that you may have a leak in your home's main water line and need to reach out to a company like Fayette Plumbing.

Low Water Pressure throughout Your House

One sign that you may have a broken, leaking water line in or around your house is low water pressure coming out of your faucets. If you notice lower pressure coming from only one room, the leak is likely somewhere inside your home.

If you notice that the water pressure coming out of all of your home's faucets, including the outdoor spigot, is low, this is a sign that you have a broken water main line. Because the line runs from the street to your house, any break or cracks that cause a moderate leak will affect all water pressure from your fixtures.

However, if you have a large pipe in your home that is not the water main but still feeds a large portion of your plumbing, it could also cause lower pressure if it is leaking. To be sure, have a plumber examine your pipes and determine where the leak is located.

Soggy Soil in One Section of Your Yard

Because your water's main line comes from the central hub in the street, a break in the pipe will cause water to leak out into your yard. Because of this, you may notice an area in your yard that has soggy soil that stays wet even when the weather has been dry for several days or even weeks.

To detect the area in your yard, look for a patch of grass that seems unusually green and healthy. There is a good possibility that it is lusher than the surrounding lawn because of the extra moisture coming from the water leak.

Once you find the patch of grass, walk around on top of it. If the soil is extra wet or water pushes up around your shoes, there is a good chance that you have found the area in which the water line is broken. When the plumber comes to visit, show them the spot so they can determine whether or not a broken pipe is the cause.

If you notice one or both of the above signs, you most likely have a break in your home's main water line. Contact a plumber who offers water line repair services to have them inspect your home's pipes and take the necessary action to fix the broken line.