Why Does Your Water Meter Read So High?

With water being as expensive as it currently is, the idea of a high meter reading is quite scary. If a high reading becomes the norm rather than the exception, you could be looking at a lifetime of high water bills.

High bills of any kind are no one's cup of tea. However, a high water bill is particularly disturbing with certain parts of the country experiencing drought-like conditions. This means that it's important that you make sense of any high meter reading and correct the problem if there is one.

Check Plumbing for Leakage

A leak in your water supply system is one reason why your meter reading may be unexplainably high. A leakage of one drop per second can waste five gallons of water every day. This translates to more than 2000 gallons every year. You can only imagine how much water would be wasted from a more serious leak.

Hire professional plumbing services to find out if there is any water leakage on the supply side. The sooner such problems are fixed, the better. You should also ensure that there is no faucet, inside or outside the house, that is leaking.

Check for Increased Usage

Another reason why you might have a high meter reading is that the consumption of water in your home has increased. Some of the reasons why you may be using more water than usual include:

  • Having additional occupants in the house

  • New appliances that use water

  • Using water for additional purposes, e.g., watering the lawn, etc.

Although an increase in usage is normal under certain circumstances, the increase has to be reasonable. If you have new occupants in the house, ensure that they understand the need to use water conservatively. Ensure new appliances are running efficiently to reduce water consumption.

Check if the Meter is Faulty

In certain cases, there is no justifiable reason for a high meter reading. This could indicate that your water meter is faulty. It's not unusual for meters to be faulty. Water meters suffer from wear and tear and may also be damaged due to any number of reasons.

If you notice that your meter is still running even when all the faucets and appliances are turned off, it could be having a problem. Only a professional will be able to tell you for sure if there's a problem with your meter. Talk to someone who can help ASAP.

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