Caring For Your Septic System

A septic tank is basically a holding tank for all of your waste that is set beneath your yard. All of the waste from your home goes into this holding tank. When it fills up, you have to call a septic service to come out and empty the tank for you. Failing to empty the tank can be a disaster if the tank backs up and sends all of that waste back into your home. Read below for care tips for your septic tank and other helpful tips.

Only Dispose Of Products That Will Decompose Easily

This means toilet paper only, not feminine products, paper towels, kitty litter, or anything else that may take some time to decompose. Your tank will fill up quickly if you aren't careful, or you could cause a clog in your pipes leading out to your septic tank (or in your home). Use toilet paper down your toilets only, and water down the rest of your drains.

Use Environmentally Safe Products

Household cleaning products you may have used in past homes may not be used with your septic tank. Things such as bleach or harsh chemicals can kill bacteria that is beneficial to your septic tank. Using these products can create a problem, as the "good" bacteria is not in your tank, which means it is not helping to eat up your waste. Use only cleaning products that are environmentally safe, organic or biodegradable to help protect this "good" bacteria.

Properly Use Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals can be detrimental to a septic tank if you aren't careful. The food waste can add up quickly in your septic tank. Don't use your garbage disposal too often, or invest in a disposal that will grind up food into finer particles. Food waste may not decompose very quickly, unless it is ground up finely.

Keep Grease, Fats And Paint Out Of Your System

Grease, fats and paint can cause a big problem for your septic tank, as well as the piping throughout your home. They can cause a clog in your pipes, as well as in your septic tank. It's a good rule of thumb to keep these out of your system whether you have a septic tank or not.

Your septic tank takes your waste from your home and holds it in the tank. If you aren't careful with the tank you could end up with a system backup that could damage your home and your yard. Follow the tips above to help you care for your septic system. Contact a service, like B & B Drain Tech Inc, for more help.