Cooling Services That A Central Air Conditioner Might Need

Central air conditioning systems are the most efficient ways for cooling down the temperature in a house. However, there are several aspects of the system that must be properly maintained in order for warm air to be cooled to a comfortable temperature. If your house is humid and hot because the air conditioner isn't working correctly, consider getting it inspected by an HVAC technician. A minor repair might be all that the system is in need of to start cooling your house down. Some of the typical things that lead to central air conditioning system cooling problems are listed below:

The Vents Need Maintenance

The problem with your system might lie within the vents. For instance, the vents can have a large amount of dust and dirt in them that has created a blockage in airflow. The dust and dirt can easily be cleaned out, but it is wise to hire an HVAC technician to do the job. He or she will make sure the areas that are deep inside of the vents are cleaned. If the metal covers that are on the vents are bent up, it can also block cool air from flowing through to the fullest extent.

Coils Are Not Clean Enough

The cooling problem with your air conditioner might be due to the coils not being clean. The condenser coil is located outside, so it is likely excessively dirty. However, the most important coil is the evaporator, which is inside of your house. The reason why is because it removes heat from the warm air. Hire a technician to clean the condenser and evaporator coils to find out if air begins getting cool afterward.

The Air Filter is Blocked

Your air conditioning system has a filter that must receive maintenance every now and then. A filter is designed for capturing dirt, dust, and other allergens before they flow through the ventilation system. The allergens must be cleaned off of the filter or they can prevent air from flowing through. Ask a technician to clean or replace your air conditioning filter if it is needed.

System Coolant Levels Are Insufficient

Coolant is a necessity for a central air conditioning system. The reason why is because it cools down the evaporator coil, such as the metal area of the coil. Cold metal is necessary because it reduces the temperature of warm air that passes through the coil. Get the system coolant levels checked in case they are low.

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