Tired Of Clogs At Your Restaurant? 3 Tips To Keep Drains Running Free

In your restaurant business, a clogged drain disrupts the flow of everything. After all, the last thing you need is a sanitation issue when your business is finally taking off. Unfortunately, the combination of large amounts of food and busy staff members can add up to mistakes that destroy your drains. As you assess your current food prep and cleaning plan, use these tips to include strategies that prevent clogs from occurring.

Ask Cooks to Report Problems

Your first line of defense against clogs is to make sure your staff knows how to recognize the early signs of a problem. For instance, your drains should all have screens that protect them from having scraps of food getting deeper into the line. Ask your staff to always check for screens before using the sink, and teach them to report a developing issue such as a missing screen or slow draining sink so that you can take prompt action.

Train Staff On Proper Waste Disposal

When the orders start flowing in, your staff may make mistakes simply because they are in a hurry. Make sure that everyone who work in your kitchen is trained on how to properly dispose of waste. For instance, everyone should know to never toss grease down the sink, and your staff should understand what types of food should never be put down the garbage disposals. Make sure that your kitchen is set up so that the staff can easily reach each proper waste disposal unit. Getting the staff involved in preventing clogs keeps the pipes clear.

Schedule Regular Drain Cleanings

Even with the best efforts, you should expect for your restaurant drain lines to occasionally get clogged. This is because tiny bits of food, soap and grease will still eventually get into the lines and build up over time. For this reason, it is best to arrange for a routine schedule of maintenance with a professional commercial plumbing service. Having your lines periodically inspected and cleaned out allows you to have more control over when your plumbing issues are handled.

The last thing you need on a busy weekend evening is to have your guest's dinner interrupted by a foul smell or overflowing sink in the kitchen. Keep your staff busy focusing on turning out those delicious plates of food rather than scrambling to avoid a water catastrophe in the kitchen by making drain maintenance and important part of your business plan this year. For more information, contact companies like T & T Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Geothermal..