What To Do If You Have Drains That Continue To Clog

If you have one or more drains in your house that are continuing to clog, you will need to take action. The last thing you want to do is to allow the clogs to go without proper treatment because they will eventually get so bad, you might find that you are not able to send any water down the drains at all. To make sure that you are starting off on the right track, you will want to take a moment to look at the following suggestions.

You Can Try To Snake The Drain

There are plumbing snakes that you can purchase at local hardware and home improvement stores that will allow you to try to work on clearing the clog on your own. However, this type of plumbing tool is used used for clogged sink drains. You will not want to do this with your toilet, even if that is the major clog that you are dealing with. The toilet is generally made from porcelain, which can easily crack when someone tries to use a drain snack in it. If you absolutely wanted to use a plumber's snake for a toilet line clog, you would need to first completely remove the toilet. If you are having trouble doing that, or getting the snake to clear a clog in another drain, you will want to call for a professional plumber. He or she can bring more powerful tools, cameras, and their expertise, which will allow them to rid your lines of all of the clogs. 

Have The Drain Lines Replaced

If you find that you have to keep calling a plumber for a clog that keeps appearing in the same spot within the drain lines, you might want to think about simply replacing the pipes. It might cost some money, but once you consider the time, frustration, and the plumbing bills every time a newly formed severe clog forms, you might find that it is worth it. Have your plumber send a camera down the pipes to see if he or she can spot a crack in the pipe that may be the cause of the formation of the clog. After all, if there is a piece of the pipe sticking out, toilet paper and hair can easily wrap itself around it and then build up until the entire pipe is clogged.

Do make sure that you are speaking with a plumbing service, like Five Star Plumbing, who will not only work hard to remove any current clog that you are working with, but will help you figure out how to prevent this from continuing to be such a problem.