3 Options To Correct Problems With Old Concrete Septic Tanks That Are Leaking

Concrete has been used for decades to build septic tanks, but it is not the best material. Some of the problems with concrete include leaks, cracks,

and deterioration, which will eventually need repairs or a tank replacement. When your concrete septic tank begins to fail, here are some of the options to consider for solving your concrete tank problems:

1. Retrofitting Leaking Concrete Tanks with Modern Lining

Old concrete septic tanks are known to eventually leak, which can cause problems with the surrounding soil, as well as with the normal operation of the tank. If the structure of the tank is in good shape, completely replacing it is costly. An alternative to replacing concrete septic tanks is to have them retrofitted with a liner. Modern synthetic liners are installed inside your tank to prevent deterioration of the tank and leaks that develop as concrete ages. Installing a liner will give you many more years of use out of your tank.

2. Having the Inside of The Tank Seal Coated with Special Sealants

Liners are just one solution that is used to repair leaking concrete septic tanks. If a liner is too costly or impractical, seal coating is another solution to consider getting more life out of the old tank. Specially formulated sealants are applied to the walls and bottom of the tank to stop leaks and keep the concrete from meeting raw waste. Retrofitting a tank with a new liner is not a cost-effective if the tank is eventually going to be replaced. Sealant is a less costlier solution that is used to repair leaks until you have a new tank installed.

3. Completely Replacing Concrete Tanks with Modern Polyurethane Replacements

When you must replace an old concrete tank, modern polyurethane replacements are the best choice because of their cost, durability and ease of installation. Using a polyurethane tank for septic system upgrades, also gives you options for improvements. You may want to consider installing chambered tanks or multiple tanks for separating different types of waste and improving the process of breaking down solids in the septic system. If you replace the tank, also have the septic installation contractor inspect the drain field to see if any improvements or repairs are needed before it is connected to the new tank.

With old concrete septic tanks, you have options to update your system and stop the problems that cracks and leaks cause. Contact a plumbing contractor to help with retro fitting, repairs and replacement of old concrete septic tanks. 

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