What Not To Do When Faced With A Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is quite possibly the most common--and the most frustrating--of all plumbing problems. For that reason, many homeowners attempt to tackle clogged drains on their own. Yet by utilizing the wrong tactics, you may only make the problem worse. If you would like to learn more about how not to tackle a plumbing clog, read on. This article will outline two solutions that often lead to even worse results.

Chemical Cleaners

The first thing many people do when dealing with a clogged drain is purchase a bottle of drain cleaner. These potent liquids are made out of chemicals that work to dissolve the clog--that is, when they do work. Yet it is best to avoid such substances for a number of reasons.

The first is that they are highly toxic substances. The fumes they give off are extremely unhealthy to inhale and often hang around long after the liquid itself has disappeared down the drain. Not only that, but those chemicals are no less toxic for the environment. And when you throw the "empty" bottle away, leftover liquid often ends up seeping out.

Chemical cleaners are also potentially destructive for your pipes themselves. This is especially true when faced with a stubborn clog. Should the pipe cleaner sit idle in your pipes too long, it will soon begin to eat away at the pipes. It can also cause damage to the finish of sinks and other plumbing fixtures.

Boiling Water

Those who decide to forgo chemical drain cleaners often resort to the tactic of pouring boiling water down their pipe instead. At first this seems like a reasonable strategy, with the hot water acting to loosen the clog and flush it safely away. Unfortunately, things don't usually work so smoothly.

It is important to understand that grease is almost always a factor in a clogged pipe. By pouring boiling water onto the clog, you will loosen up that grease--temporarily, anyway. What happens is that is generally just travels deeper into the pipes and coagulates once again, leading to an even more stubborn clog. Not only that, but boiling water can cause problems for the substances that hold sections of PVC pipe together, meaning you may end up having to deal with not just a clog--but a leak as well.

While it is always tempting to tackle basic plumbing problems on your own, clogged drains are one issue where it is simply better to call in the help of a professional drain blockage clearing service