Dealing With Plumbing Problems In A Store

Does your janitor constantly have to plunge the public toilets that are in your store? It should not be necessary for a toilet to need plunging done on a regular basis, so you might be dealing with a serious plumbing issue. The most common reason for such a problem is customers putting too much tissue paper in the toilet. In a more serious case, it is possible that the main sewer line to your building is problematic due to something preventing waste from flowing through it. Find out in this article how a commercial plumber can diagnose the problems and prevent it from continuously happening.

Plumbing Fixtures Will Be Inspected

When you call a commercial plumber for assistance, be prepared to show him or her where all of the plumbing fixtures in your building are located. He or she will begin by inspecting the toilets that are in question. It is possible that the toilets are simply old, which could mean that no work needs to be one to the plumbing system. You might just need to get new toilets installed, such as ones that are more powerful. If toilets and drains that are in other plumbing fixtures are all problematic, it is likely that the main sewer line is causing the problem.

The Main Sewer Line Will Be Inspected

If the main sewer line to your building is suspected as the root of the problem, a plumber will have to inspect it. The inspection can be done by excavating the ground, or you can opt for a plumber that has access to an articulating borescope. The borescope inspection method is the most ideal because the ground will the only be excavated if the sewer line is in need of a repair. Basically, the borescope will be sent into the line and the plumber will be able to get a live few from an LCD screen that is on the handle to the equipment. It will also be possible for the borescope to take photographs of the inside of the line so the plumber can show you what the problem is.

The Plumbing System Might Be Thoroughly Cleaned

If the main sewer line is backed up, the only thing that a plumber might need to do is clean it out. He or she can use jetting equipment for the most thorough results. It might also be necessary for the plumber to push debris out of the line with a commercial pump before the jetting equipment is used. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Roto Rooter Plumbing & Sewer-Drain Service.