3 Reasons Why You May Be Having A Problem With Your Sink

You don't exactly realize just how important the sinks are in your home until one of them is not functioning correctly. Whether it is a slow drain or low flow, a problem with the sink in the kitchen or the bathroom is equally inconvenient. If you're experiencing an issue in your home, there may be a simple solution.

Clogged Aerator Screen

If you're having an issue with low water pressure, a clogged aerator screen could be the culprit. This screen is basically a filter that is located on the inside of the faucet. As the water passes through, any sediment or other mineral particles in the water get trapped on the screen. In some cases, especially if you are having a problem with your home's filter system, an excessive amount of buildup will collect along the screen.

This buildup limits the amount of water that can pass through, leading to the reduced pressure. Dissembling the faucet and cleaning the screen should resolve the problem, but if it happens regularly, you also want to investigate a potential problem with your whole-home filter.

Drain Clog

You may also be experiencing a problem with your sink if there is a clog inside the drain. Soap scum, food particles, dirt, and other debris can collect inside the drain over time. As the buildup accumulates, less water is able to pass through and drain away.

Even if you are being mindful about what you put down the drain, this can happen, especially in an older home. To remove a clog, stay away from over-the-counter solutions, as they are often too powerful for your pipes and will lead to damage, and they generally can't remove a deep clog. It's much better to have the drains professionally cleaned by a drain-cleaning service like Plumber Boy.

Garbage Disposal Failure

When you turn on your garbage disposal and it makes noise, you assume that it's working, but since you can't see it, there is no way to know for sure. However, if you're operating the disposal and the water still seems to be collecting in the sink, this is a warning sign that the disposal isn't working correctly.

In some instances, simply resetting the disposal under the sink will repair the problem, and in other cases, there could be a problem with one of the blades that needs to be addressed.

If you're having problems with a sink in your home, reach out to a plumber. These above-mentioned problems are typically easy to fix; however, when left to fester, they may only get worse. A plumber will work to quickly resolve the issue.