Having The Right Drain Cleaning Tools Can Make Your Job Easier

If you have problems with a clogged drain, then you may want to keep your own drain cleaning tools around so that you can open up the drain as necessary. There are several different kinds of tools that you can use to clean out or open up a clogged drain as necessary. 

Drain Bladder

A drain bladder may also be called a blow bag. You can get one at your local home improvement store or a plumbing supply store. Before you start to use a drain bladder, it looks exactly like an uninflated balloon. The way it works is that you attach the bladder to the end of a garden hose. If you don't have a faucet outside, then you can attach the garden hose to a faucet in the house with the use of a special adapter. 

You feed the balloon down through the pipe until you reach the area you think the clog is or until you reach some resistance. When you turn on the water, the blow bag starts to fill up. It will continue to fill until it is wedged into the pipe. At that point, some pressurized jets in the bladder will start shooting water at the clog and the sides of the pipe, clearing the clog and forcing it down the pipe to the sewer or septic tank. This works well on clogs that a snake hasn't had any results with. 


A snake is also called an auger. It's basically a big screw that you wedge down the pipe and start turning. The screw grabs and drills down into the clog, opening it up. As it opens up the clog, the water that has been backing up starts to use its pressure to help widen the hole and push the clog down. The combination of the water pressure and the snake can be effective. However, it may take a few tries in order to get the auger firmly planted into the clog and get through everything, especially if it's a big clog or a long-established blockage. 


You can always try drain cleaning chemicals. Some of them are fairly effective. The problem with them is that they can be dangerous if you are going to have to use any other kinds of interventions afterward. Those chemicals could splash up on you and hurt you. 

A clogged drain is a huge problem. Having the right tools can make it easier to get your drain running again.