Signs You Have A Leak In Your Home's Main Water Line

If your water bill has suddenly hiked up for no apparent reason, you may suspect that you have a leak in your pipes somewhere. If so, look for the following sign that you may have a leak in your home's main water line and need to reach out to a company like Fayette Plumbing. Low Water Pressure throughout Your House One sign that you may have a broken, leaking water line in or around your house is low water pressure coming out of your faucets. [Read More]

4 Common Commercial Plumbing Problems And Tips To Prevent Them

Your business depends on the convenience and comfort of a reliable plumbing system. Not only are commercial plumbing problems stressful, but problems with commercial plumbing can also damage your property and your merchandise as well as lead to uncomfortable, unsanitary conditions for your customers and your employees. It is important that your commercial building is up to code and maintains a safe and functional plumbing system. Here are some of the most common reasons for commercial plumbing repairs and a few tips to prevent them. [Read More]

Why Does Your Water Meter Read So High?

With water being as expensive as it currently is, the idea of a high meter reading is quite scary. If a high reading becomes the norm rather than the exception, you could be looking at a lifetime of high water bills. High bills of any kind are no one's cup of tea. However, a high water bill is particularly disturbing with certain parts of the country experiencing drought-like conditions. This means that it's important that you make sense of any high meter reading and correct the problem if there is one. [Read More]

How To Correct Bad Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can be an infuriating problem. If the water pressure in your home is low enough, it can make it impossible to use certain faucets or your shower. There can be many reasons behind low water pressure. Some of these reasons will be easy to address, but others will require a lot more work. You may even need to call in an expert at some point. Common Causes of Poor Water Pressure [Read More]